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YouGov Sport is a global sports, sponsorship and entertainment research company, working with sports key stakeholders to unlock meaningful, actionable insights.

Incorporated in July 2010, YouGov Sport has continued to establish itself as a leading research consultancy specialising in the business of sports, events and sponsorship with a solid track record of working with major international, national and regional clients.

Qutek got inspired to ‘Empower Human Health’ through integrating smart technology into the personal healthcare and wellness regime of people’s daily lives.

While we believe that demonstrating healthy lifestyles and habits should be practiced daily, we designed solutions to empower our community of families, youngsters, athletes, health practitioners, along all health advocates of society with the smartest gadgets and latest technologies to help them feel rejuvenated and enlivened.

With its wide range of products targeting Health, Wellbeing and Juniors; Qutek allows revitalizing ‘Human Health’ through collecting data straight from the body, tracking the progress and promoting health habits.

An award winning creative event agency based in Dubai, Riyadh, California and Beirut.

Memories specializes in creating experiential and unique events, through bespoke design and details.

Memories focuses on providing world-class and highly effective regional and international event services, while extraordinary experiences lay in the core of our commitment.

Our excellence derives from being the first of our kind in the region to accommodate all sorts of events from the story-telling, detail oriented luxury to proud and bold governmental.

Memories thrives with a team of event specialists, architects, designers and strategists driven by passion and determination, turning every cherished story into an unforgettable crafted detail.

We breathe in creativity and breathe out ideas.

Official Media Partner

Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now. To learn more, visit and follow @Twitter. Let’s talk.

Exclusive Hydration Partner

Mai Dubai as a company was established in December 2012, but construction only started in June 2013 and the facility was completed in a matter of 11 months. After the successful commissioning of our machines, our sales team went to market in March 2014. We realised early on that the brand represents Dubai, a global brand which stands for high quality, high standards and a grand consumer experience, so there is no compromise when it came to our effort and investment towards building a best-in-class company. In terms of our name, we needed something different so Mai is the spoken way of saying water in Arabic and In English when someone hears Mai Dubai they think “my Dubai” so it becomes very easy to remember either way.

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