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Submissions for the individual categories are free of charge.

Marketing and Communications

Public Voted


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Prices and Deadlines

Once you have submitted your application please be sure to complete the payment in order confirm your submission.

Date Price
Early Bird 15th March 2021 250$
Deadline 5th April 2021 350$
Extended 22nd April 2021 450$

Your submission will not be accepted until the amount has cleared into our account.

Note: If a payment deadline has been missed, a new invoice will be sent to reflect the updated amount. Please ensure the payment is made before the deadline so you don’t miss the discounted prices.

Judging Process

Round One

  • We pride ourselves on our transparent, independent, and unbiased judging process.
  • All submission forms will be received through our website.
  • Once nominations close by the 22nd April 2021, up to a maximum of 10 nominees from each category will be shortlisted by the dedicated panel of judges or public votes.

Round Two

  • All shortlisted finalists will be announced to the press along with notifying the SPIA database
  • The SPIA Awards Judges will make the final decision on the category winners based on the highest scores within each category
  • The final winners will be decided by the judges’ scores
  • Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala Dinner on 25th May 2021.
  • Please note the four categories ‘Best Live Experience at a Professional Event’, ‘Sports F&B Venue of the Year’, ‘Sports Brand of the Year’ & ‘Sports Media Personality of the Year’ shall be completely decided by a public vote.

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